How can Evosus be used to automate shipping products such as Silk Balance or Silver Ion Cartridges to clients on a recurring basis?


Many clients are using Maintenance Contracts to automate their Auto-shipping process.  Included below are instructions for setting this up; for the example we will use Silk Balance.

Step by Step:

Step 1: Setup a Service Category called Auto-Ship under Administration > Service & Delivery > General Setup > Task Categories

Step 2: Setup a Service Type called "Silk Balance" under Administration > Service & Delivery > General Setup > Task Types

Step 3: Setup a Contract Type called Auto-Ship: Silk Balance

Optional: As part of the setup, you may want to consider setting up a "Remember Me" Contract for Silk Balance so that salespeople can quickly create a contract with minimal setup required. To do this, simply create a "dummy" customer to use and set-up the contract as instructed below. On the profile tab of the contract, check the "Remember Me" box and when prompted name the Contract "Auto-Ship: Silk Balance."

Creating the Contract

Before creating the contract, check to ensure the customer has a default card on file so you will be able to auto-process payment for their auto-ship contract.

Step 1: In the customer's account, go to Contracts and click Add

Step 2: Select the Auto-Ship: Silk Balance Contract Type

Step 3: The contract name will default to: Auto-Ship: Silk Balance - Customer Name

Step 4: Click OK

Step 5: On the Profile tab of the contract select the Notify Employee. This is the person you want to be notified when 30 days before the contract will expire.

Step 6: On the Location Tab, make sure the Shipping address is correct for the customer

Step 7: On the Schedule Details tab:

Step 8: Select the Manager

Step 9: Choose the Auto-Ship: Silk balance Service Task Type
Step 10: Select a vehicle
Step 11: Leave time-frame as Anytime
Step 12: Leave priority as Regular
Step 13: Leave Route and Quadrant with the customer defaults
Step 14: Leave the time estimate as is
Step 15: On the Schedule tab of the contract, click Add

Step 16: Select the Start date. Note: Many clients choose to schedule all of their auto-ship programs for the first business day of the month but this is optional.

Step 17: Select the contract end date or choose the number of occurrences. If the customer agreed to a year of auto-ship for Silk balance, choose end after 3 occurrences since Silk balance should last them 4 months.

Step 18: Select the Monthly recurrence pattern option and in the recurs every "X" field, enter 4 and choose day or date.

Step 19: Select Unknown as the Tech if no specific tech is responsible for the Auto-shipping process

Step 20: Click OK to save the schedule

Step 21: On the Order Defaults tab of the contract:

Step 22: Choose the Store who should get the revenue for the Silk balance sales

Step 23: Select the salesperson who should be attributed for the silk balance sales in the Primary Employee drop-down

Step 24: Override the stock site if necessary to the stock site that should be relieved of the Silk balance when it ships

Step 25: Leave the Create Invoice option as Invoice Per Month

Step 26: Select Sales Order in the Order  Type drop-down

Step 27: Override the tax if necessary, otherwise leave as "Let Evosus Decide"

Step 28: Select Yes to create a task on the service calendar if you plan to print the packing slip, delivery slip and customer shipping labels from the Service & Delivery List View

Step 29: On the Order Items tab of the contract, enter the item code for Silk balance, enter the appropriate quantity and click Add Item

Step 30: You can skip Order Items and Order Instructions unless you'd prefer otherwise

Step 31: Skip Site Profiles

Step 32: Skip Mobile Notes

Step 33: Go to the Change Status tab of the contract

Step 34: Select Open-Active

Step 35: Go to the Schedule tab of the contract and click Process This Contract Now if the first shipment will be the following month. If the next shipment will be 4 months from today's date, you can skip this step as Evosus will auto-process this for you. Note: You can control how far out in the future Evosus will process contracts in your system parameters under Administration > System > Evosus Defaults > System Parameters > Maintenance Contracts

Preparing for Shipping

Assuming your Auto-ship programs are all scheduled for the first business day of the month, the person responsible for processing auto-shipments should go to the Service and Delivery Search Schedule-List View on the first business day of the month and perform the following actions.  

Step 1: If the auto-ship will simply occur 4 months from the date they purchased the Silk Balance in-store, then you will need to implement a recurring process where the person responsible checks the schedule each day for the Silk Balance that needs to ship

Step 2: In the Type drop down choose Auto-Ship

Step 3: Click Print Docs

Step 4: Select the documents you want to print such as Orders, Packing Slips and Delivery Slips

Step 5: Optional: Return to the list view of the Service Calendar and mass highlight the customers you'd like to print address labels for

Step 6: Right Click and choose Print Labels and follow the screen prompts for printing labels


Step 1: Go to Administration > Maintenance Contracts > Search Contract Orders

Step 2: Filter by Contract Type: Auto-Ship:Silk Balance

Step 3: Mass highlight the orders by using your Ctrl-Shift or Ctrl-Alt keys

Step 4: Click Invoice (Auto)

Processing Payments

Step 1: Go to Administration > Maintenance Contracts > Search Contract Invoices

Step 2: Filter by Contract Type: Auto-Ship:Silk Balance

Step 3: Mass highlight the invoices by using your Ctrl-Shift or Ctrl-Alt keys

Step 4: Click Auto Payment on File

Step 5: Leave the Payment Date as today's date

Step 6: Select the appropriate Cash Drawer

Step 7: Map Card Types to Payment Methods if necessary

Step 8: Follow the promptings on screen for processing the payments

Step 9: When ready to process, choose Preview Invoices Marked to Pay

Step 10: Click Charge Cards and Create Payments