Use this Cash Drawer Activity Report to view a detailed list of customer payments made by cash drawer session, or by a date range (Administration > Reports > Accounting > Banking > Cash Drawer Activity). This report displays the payment methods (cash, checks, etc.), and where the payment was applied (POS, AR, Deposit).

 - You can also run this report by clicking Cash Drawer Activity Report on the Open/Close Cash Drawer screen when opening or closing a cash drawer.


 - Accounting Period: Accounting periods are created, closed, and reopened using the Periods tab on the Accounting Setup screen.

 - Cash Drawer: Cash drawers are created and maintained on each store using the Cash Drawers tab on the Store screen.


 - By cash drawer open and close session: Only transactions on cash drawers that have been closed will display on this report.

 - By date regardless of cash drawer open and close: This report includes transactions on cash drawers that have not been closed.

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