The Sales Summary - By Quarter Report is a graphical breakdown of sales by quarter for a particular year (Administration > Reports > Executive Summary > Sales Summary - By Month). This report is very similar to the Sales Summary - By Quarter Report.

 - You can also launch this report using the Evosus Performance Analyzer. For example, you can generate the report for sales and group the data by employee, and then you can click on an employee's sales in the graph to launch this report.


 - Marketing Interest: Use marketing interests to link a lead and their purchases to a specific interest. For example, when a customer interested in barbecues comes into your store, add the BBQ & Grill marketing interest when they input the lead (see Add New Lead or Customer). You can then follow up with a marketing campaign to encourage a new purchase.

  • You can add an interest to a customer using the Customer screen (Customer > Open a customer > Marketing > Interests tab).

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