Since inventory items cannot be deleted in Evosus, the archive feature allows you to mark an item as “Do Not Sell” and move the item from the current Sub-Department tree branch into the Archive folder within that Product Line. Once these steps are completed, the archived items cannot be easily located in the Inventory Tree to be sold or ordered, but previous sales of archived items still appear on customer and order history.

Why would you want to archive an inventory item?

#1 Item is a duplicate of another item

#2 Item is no longer available from the vendor or manufacturer.

#3 You are no longer selling the item

What should you do before archiving?

Step 1: The quantity on hand in Evosus should be zero before you archive an item. If quantity on hand is not zero, you have two options depending on the situation:

 - If you are no longer selling the item and will not be ordering more, but still have quantity in stock, you should mark the item as Clearance. Locate the item on the Inventory tab and click Edit Item. Go to the Options menu and check the "Is Clearance" box. Then check the "Auto-Mark as Do Not Sell when Inventory Depleted" box. This will mark the item as clearance so users know the item will no longer be ordered and once quantity reaches zero, the item will automatically be marked as Do Not Sell.

 - If you are archiving a duplicated item and quantity on hand exists for the item you're trying to remove, Evosus recommends performing a Stock Adjustment. Stock Adjust quantity out for the archived item and Stock Adjust quantity in for the correct item.

 - In addition, if there are items on reserve, those items are either hung up on an ICPO, a current Open Order, a Job, or on a Quote, or an Active Kit. All of those will need to be resolved so that reserved quantity equals zero before archiving the item. The item cannot be hung up any any of those.

    BULLET POINT: This information can be found on the Customer's "waiting tab." 

Step 2: Change item status to “Do Not Sell” so the item will be unavailable to sell or purchase. There are two ways to do this:

a) While you are in the items profile, you will uncheck the Sell This Item box on the Options menu of the Item Profile. 

b) Use the Mass Update Inventory Utility in Administration > Inventory > Utilities to mark multiple items as Do Not Sell.

Archiving an Item

Once you're ready to archive the item, you'll need to move the inventory item into the Archive folder within its Product Line. 

You can do this one of two ways:

#1 Move the items on-at-a-time by locating the item on the main Inventory tab and clicking Edit Item. Go to the Profile menu and use the Product Line search button to change the location of the item to the Archive folder.

#2 Use Inventory Tree Mapper to drag-and-drop multiple items into the Archive folder.

 - If an Archive folder for the Product Line does not currently exist, you will need to create a new Archive folder.