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Use the Preview and Profile tab on the Item screen to view general information about an inventory item. 


Use the Options tab on the Item screen to define specific settings on the inventory item - for example, change if the item is sold to customer, or is a clearance item. 

Vendors, Aliases, Warranties, POs, ICPOs, Item Receipts

Edit vendor relationships using the Vendor tab of the Item screen, create an Alias for an individual item, and manage vendor POs/Vendor PO receipts. 

 - This video also discusses how to manage Inter-Company Purchase Orders for companies who have multiple locations. 

Sales messages, Pop-Up Alerts, and Item Comments

This video covers the following tabs on the Item screen: Sales Messages, Pop-up Alerts, and Item Comments.

Stock Sites, Serial Numbers, RGAs, and Kits

Use the Stock Sites, Serial Numbers, RGA, and Kit tabs on the Item screen.

Cost Log

Use the Cost Log tab on the Item screen to research item cost details, cost overrides and more.


Hazardous Materials, Whiteboard, Notes, and History