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You can quickly cancel a sales order or service order by right clicking on a customer on the Customer tab. Watch the video below for more detailed information.

Step by Step:

Sales or Service Orders can be canceled as long as they have not been invoiced. Orders may need to be canceled if the customer decides they no longer need the item or service originally requested. 

 - If there are delivered items on the order it is best to undeliver the items BEFORE canceling the order. Otherwise, you will be responsible for performing any reversing inventory adjustments.

Step 1: Open the Service Orders or Sales Orders tab of the Customer screen.

 - Go to Customer > Select a customer > Service Orders or Sales Orders tab.

Step 2: Double click on the order you want to cancel.

Step 3: Click Change Order Status.

Step 4: Click Cancel Order.

Step 5: (optional) Decide what to do with the deposit on the order

 - Refund the deposit to the customer -  This will take you to the refund screen where you can enter the refund amount and refund method.  This will NOT immediately cancel the order.  Once the refund is complete, you must complete steps 1 – 3 above and 5 – 7 below.

 - Convert Deposit to an Account Credit - The deposit will be unlocked and converted to an account credit that can be used for any other transaction, including POS.

 - Transfer the Deposit to another order - You will be prompted to select which order you would like to transfer the deposit to.  If another order does not exist, you will not be able to proceed with this option.  Select the new order, click [Transfer Deposit to Order>].

 - Customer forfeits the Deposit - This will close the deposit, remove it from the Deposit Liability account and Cancel the order.

Step 6: Select the reason you are canceling the order.

 - Order cancel reasons are created and maintained using the Order Cancel Reasons screen (Administration > Sales > General Setup > Order Cancel Reasons).

Step 7: Click Next.

Step 8: The Order is now canceled and will appear in the Sales History Queue with a status of Closed-Cancelled.