There may be times where techs cannot sync their phones with the corporate server. 

 - The following are common reasons why syncing will not work.

#1 Internet Connection is Down

#2 Cell Service is Unavailable (3G/4G/WiFi)

#3 SQL Server is Unavailable

#4 Evosus Mobile Windows Service is not running or installed

#5 Connection to cloud database is unavailable from the Server where the Evosus Mobile Windows Service is running. Must be able to access

#6 Security software and devices can cause syncing issues - Try to bypass or disconnect the security software or device to determine if it is the issue.


If connectivity is not the problem, your best bet is to check the Windows Service to ensure it is running. 

 - If the service is not running, you must restart it:

Step 1: Login to the terminal server or host machine with the Windows administrator account.

Step 2: Click Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. You can also just search for 'Services'.

Step 3: The Services screen appears.

Step 4: Right click on Evosus Mobile.

 - If Evosus Mobile does not appear in the list, make sure you are logged into the correct server.

Step 5: Select Stop and then Start. 

Step 6: Once Evosus Mobile is running, test communication with Evosus and with the Mobile Devices.