Address look-up is available in the US, Canada, Australia and Cayman Islands on the following screens:

 - Customer Add

 - Customer Location Update

 - Purchase Order Address Update

 - Company Update

Empty Address Lookup

If you're entering an address on a new record in Evosus, use the Address Lookup feature to ensure the address you enter is correct and has a standardized format. Suggested results are based on the IP address of the machine you are using and cannot be edited until the address is added to the Evosus address form.

#1 Click Lookup or F5 while on the address form

#2 Start typing your address

#3 Suggested results will appear as you type*

#4 Continue typing until the correct result appears and then select the address using the arrow key or mouse

#5 Once an address is selected, the zip+4 is automatically sent for validation; you will see a message indicating Evosus is "verifying" the address.  A final address will appear with the 9 digit zip code.

#6 Click Cancel to revert to the previous screen or Accept to fill address form.

Existing Address Lookup

If the address already exists on the form, simply click Look up and Evosus will send Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Postal Code & Country fields for address validation and standardization. Click Cancel to revert to the previous screen or click Accept (or press enter) to place the validated address into the corresponding Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Postal Code and Country fields on the address form. 

Reverse City/State Lookup with Zip Code

When a user types in a 5-digit zip code or an existing zip code is already contained in the Postal Code field, clicking Lookup (or pressing F6) will immediately send the US postal code for verification to lookup the corresponding city & state.  The city & state fields will automatically update without any additional user action.

What if it's not working?

Check to see if the server/workstation time varies more than 9 minutes from actual time.

A server or workstation whose system clock varies sufficiently from actual time will not be able to perform the address lookup within Evosus. A server that is off by more than 9 minutes will fail. A server that is off by 9 minutes or less will work.