You need to correct a POS Transaction that was run under the wrong customer, but the application will not let you void/cancel the invoice since it's a POS Transaction.


Log into POS and process a POS Return/Refund the same way the original payment was taken.

  1. Log into POS > Return > Select Original Customer.
  2. Link the POS Return to the Previous POS Invoice > Return the Quantity Purchased > Add Items To Order > Click Items.
  3. Select a Return Reason > Refund.
  4. Refund the Customer using the same payment method they paid the original POS-Sales-Invoice with > Finish.

Now you can reprocess the POS Transaction under the correct customer.

Pending Returns - Auto Move to Inventory:

There is a system parameter under Administration > System > Evosus Defaults > System Parameters > Inventory > Pending Returns - Auto Move to Inventory. 

If this is set to No, you will need to go to the Pending Returns Queue to move the item(s) returned back to Inventory so you can resell to the correct customer by going to Administration > Inventory > Utilities > Process Pending Returned Items. Select the Item(s) > Move to Inventory.