The State field is required when entering a customer address, so what do you do if the country has no states - for example, the Cayman Islands?


Step 1: Go to Administration > System > System Parameters > Default Country and in the value field enter “KY” for Cayman Islands

Step 2: Close this screen and then exit Evosus and re-open Evosus to reset the county codes.

Step 3: If you have this customer already entered then go to the contact information and edit it for country and then enter a city and postal code.

Step 4: If you have not entered the customer in yet you will need to select the Cayman Islands as the country, put all other information in as needed. Save the contact info, re-open it and then select Saudi Arabia as the country and it will save correctly. If you try to select Saudi Arabia the first time it will not let you get past the state field even though there is no state field. So use Cayman Islands instead, save and then re-edit the contact info to Saudi Arabia.

Step 5: Remember to go back into the system parameters as explained in step one and reset the country code back to US and exit Evosus and re-open Evosus. Whenever you make a change to the parameters you must exit and re-open to have those changes take effect.