The Sales Summary - By Quarter Report is a graphical breakdown of sales by quarter for a particular year (Administration>Reports>Executive Summary>Sales Summary – By Quarter). This report is very similar to the Sales Summary - By Month Report.

 - You can also launch this report using the Evosus Performance Analyzer. For example, you can generate the report for sales and group the data by employee, and then you can click on an employee's sales in the graph to launch this report.


Dates Tab

 - Date Range: Enter the date range for the report. Options Include:

 - Accounting Period: Accounting periods are created, closed, and reopened using the Periods tab on the Accounting Setup screen (Administration > Accounting > General Setup > Accounting Periods).
  • Standard (Yesterday, Today, Last 30 Days, etc.)
  • Specific (Select a specific date range using the calendar buttons)

 - Transaction Types: Select the type of invoices you would like shown in the report.

Options Tab

 - Sold By: Select one or more employees to view their sales information for the time specified. These are the employees that sold the items (the primary employee assigned to the order).

 - Marketing Interests: Select one or more marketing interests to be reported on for the time specified. The report will then filter out any interests you do not want to view.

Output Tab

 - Stores: Select the store/departments you would like to report on. Select at least one. Defaults to all stores/departments.

 - Output to: Select whether you want to report by city or postal code. Defaults to the report you originally selected – in this case it defaults to Report by Postal Code.

 - Preview Report: Click [Preview Report] to view the report in PDF format. A print screen will appear allowing you to print, PDF, email or export the document to excel.

Security Permissions Required



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