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Maintenance contracts are automated. You create them once, and the service orders and tasks are automatically created based on the contract information. There are two ways to create a maintenance contract: manually, and based on a saved template.

Once the contract is created, it has a status of Open-Draft. This means the customer/prospect name has been recorded and the sales process has begun. Pre-sale marketing campaigns will also begin at this time.

Step by Step:

Create a maintenance contract using a template

Step 1: Go to Administration > Maintenance Contracts.

Step 2: Double click Add Contract.On the New Contract form, select a customer from your existing customer list by clicking the search icon or simply hitting <Enter> on the keyboard. Locate a customer and click Select Customer.

Step 3: Enter the Contract Name, such as "Pool Maintenance - Smith."

Step 4: Click Copy Remember Me Trx > Contract.

Step 5: Select the name of the maintenance contract you wish to copy. The maintenance contract is immediately created once you select the contract to copy.

Step 6: Information copied on memorized transactions include: notify employee, all schedule details, all order defaults, order items and order instructions.