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Your Default Bill To address prints on your Vendor Purchase Orders and Customer Statements. You can default the same address for all stores/departments, or set up a different address for each store/department. The address can also be manually changed from within a Purchase Order. You may add a different Default Bill To address for each store or department.  

Step by Step:

Step 1: Go to Administration > Accounting > General Setup > Default Bill to.

Step 2: Click Add.

Step 3: Select the Store(s) or Department(s) the bill to address applies to. The address can apply to All Stores or a Specific store. If you choose to apply an address to a specific store, select the store from the pull down menu. Helpful Hint: Choosing "Specific Store" will override any "Applies to All Stores" option that is in the database.

Step 4: Select the contact employee for the Default Bill To address. This employee's name will print on the Purchase Order under the Bill To information.

Step 5: Select whether you would like to use an existing Store address, an existing stock site address or enter a new address. If you choose to add a new address click "Free Form" and enter the new address information in the area provided.

Step 6: Click OK.

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Administration – Accounting

*Can Access Accounting Tree Branch

SETUP - Default Bill To


Purchase Orders

The Default Bill To is the address that will appear on a Vendor Purchase Order. When a PO is written for a certain store the Default Bill To address for that store will default on the Bill To tab. The address can be changed manually on each PO at time of creation.