You receive an error that says "Failed to Load Control" error.


Step 1: Set Your User Account as Administrator

#1 Click your Start menu, point to Control Panel and click User Accounts.     

#2 Select your user account from the list and click Properties.      

#3 Click the "Group Membership" tab.      

#4 Click "Other"    

#5 Select "Administrators" from the list.      

#6 Click OK to close the user properties window.     

#7 Click OK to close the User Accounts window.

Step 2: Run Fixmyevosus.bat

#1 Go to the Evosus Shared Folder on your Evosus Shared Network Drive

#2 Go to Evosus Retail\Support Files

#3 Double Click "FixMyEvosus.bat" to run it.

#4 After completion, restart Evosus and the problems should go away.

If Step 2 didn't work, go to Step 3, follow instructions, and re-run the fixmyevosus.bat file.

Step 3: Set the Registry Permissions

#1 Click Start and then click Run.     

#2 In the Open box, type REGEDIT and click OK.      

#3 When the registry editor opens, click HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.      

#4 On the Edit menu, click Permissions.      

#5 Select "Administrators" in the "Group or user names" list.      

#6 Make sure that "Full Control" is checked in the "Permissions for Administrators" list below. If it is not checked then check it now and click Apply.     

#7 Now, click Add...     

#8 Enter your user name under "Enter the object names to select". Enter your user name exactly the same way that you do when you log on to Windows (a domain group that contains each user of the Evosus application could be substituted).              

#9 Click OK to close the "Select Users, Computers or Groups" window.      

#10 Your user name should appear in the "Group or user names" list. Make sure your user name is selected.      

#11 Click the "Full Control" checkbox (under Allow).     

#12 Click OK to close the "Permissions for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" window.     

#13 On the File menu click Exit.