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Step by Step:

Create a warehouse order if a customer is purchasing an item from a retail location, but needs to pick up the product from the warehouse. A warehouse order is similar to using the Convert to Sales Order button since it creates an open order on the customer's account, but you can designate a distribution method, stock site and special instructions when creating a warehouse order. You can set up Order Queues to accept all new Warehouse Orders, and the Warehouse manager could monitor this queue and fill orders as they are created.

#1 - Select the customer and items

1. Login to POS.

2. Click Sale.

3. Select a customer.

 - You must assign a customer to a warehouse order.

4. Add items to the order using the Sell Items screen.

5. Click Payment. The Payment screen appears.

#2 -  Select the distribution method and warehouse

1. Check the Warehouse Order box.

2. Click Choose Warehouse. The Warehouse Order screen appears.

3. Distribution Method - Select a distribution method from the list.

4. Stock Site - Once items are marked as delivered, they will be removed from the selected stock site.

5. Special Instructions - Add any necessary special instructions - for example, directions to the warehouse for the customer, or when the customer will arrive for the warehouse.

6. Click Next. This returns you to the Payment screen.

#3 -  Enter the payment and complete the transaction

1. If customer is making payment, enter payment now.  Type the amount into the field matching the appropriate payment type or hit the F-key associated with the appropriate payment type.

 - The payment will be recorded as a deposit since the order has not been invoiced.

2. Click Verify Address. The Point Of Sale Bill To screen appears.

3. Verify the customer's information is correct, or check the A Different Customer box and select a different customer.

4. Click Complete Transaction.

 - The Sales Order appears on the screen so you can print it out. The customer can take this to the warehouse for proof of purchase.

 - If a Warehouse Order queue is setup, the order will automatically be displayed in that queue.

#4 - Customer picks up the items at the warehouse

This is the final step, the customer picks up the items at the warehouse. 


Security Permissions Required - 

Proper permissions must be set before an employee is able to perform this action. To give an employee permissions go to Administration > System > Security > Security - Employee Level Permissions > Double click to select Employee > Check the box of the permission you would like to grant them access to.

Related Reports - 

 - Open Order Report (Administration>Reports>Sales>Orders and Invoices>Open Order Report) - List of all Orders (Sales and Service) that are in an Open status.  There may or may not be a balance due.