On occasion, you will work with a vendor or manufacturer that processes RGAs through a 3rd party, such as a financing company, or the RGA is sent to the 3rd party and the vendor or manufacturer sends the reimbursement. The general RGA process is still the same in this situation with one minor change – who you send the RGA to versus who you receive the cash/credit from.


Warranties are processed through GE Commercial Finance, but the manufacturer, Spas R’ Us, sends the reimbursement check. 

There are two options for handling this in Evosus:

Option One

This situation would apply if you normally order product from GE Commercial Finance, but need to send the RGAs directly to Spas R’ Us.  Typically, Evosus auto-creates RGAs for the default vendor on an item; however, you can’t send the RGA to GE Commercial Finance.  You need Evosus to create the RGA for Spas R’ Us instead.

Change the RGA Override vendor to Spas R’ Us for all items in question.  The RGA Override Vendor field is located on the Options menu of the Item Profile.  All auto-created RGAs for GE Commercial Finance items will now be created with Spas R’ Us as the vendor.

With the correct vendor on the RGA, you can send the RGA to Spas R’ Us and then associate the reimbursement part, check or credit from that vendor to the corresponding RGA when it arrives.

Option Two

This situation applies when the RGA is sent to GE Commercial Finance, but the reimbursement comes directly from Spas R’ Us. In this case, your RGAs will be created for GE Commercial Finance automatically, but you’ll need to associate the reimbursement received from Spas R’ Us to an RGA created for GE Commercial Finance.

Step 1: Create RGAs as usual either automatically (through service orders) or manually (when not associated to a customer) for GE Commercial Finance.

Step 2: When the reimbursement arrives via check or credit from Spas R’ Us, check the box on the transaction for “Is for RGA.”

Step 3: You’ll be taken to the Apply RGA Receipt screen.

Step 4: Since you don’t create RGAs for Spas R’ Us, there will be no RGAs listed.

Step 5: At the top of the screen, select GE Commercial Finance from the drop down menu.

Step 6: A full list of open RGAs will appear.

Step 7: Select the RGAs associated to this receipt.

Step 8: Click OK to save.

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