Vendor checks can be edited if they have not yet been printed or posted. Once a check is printed or posted, you must void the check and recreate it to make changes.  

 - For security and audit trail purposes, each check contains an Audit Log tab that indicates if the check was created manually or automatically, when it was printed, reprinted, removed from print checks queue or voided and which employee performed each action.

 - There are several ways to view or update an existing check depending on the Payee type (vendor, customer, employee or other).

Search Checks Queue

The easiest way to locate a check is using the Search Checks queue. Go to Administration > Accounting > Banking > Search Checks. A list of all checks created in the last six months will display by default, but you can search for checks by date range, bank account, amount, text search and more. Simply locate the check and double click to view or edit.

Locate Checks for Vendor

Step 1: To locate a check for a vendor, go to Administration > Accounting > Accounts Payable > Search Vendors

Step 2: Click the Payments menu on the left. A list of all payments created in the current year for this vendor will be listed, but you can locate additional payments using the date or text search filters. 

Step 3: Double click a check or highlight and click Update to view or edit the check details.

Locate Checks for Employee, Customer or Other Type Payee

Step 1: Go to Administration > Accounting > Banking > Write Checks. 

Step 2: Select the appropriate Payee from the list. The Write Checks screen will open. 

Step 3: If you know the bank account the check was written from, then select that account from the Bank drop down list. Then check the "Same Payee" box and the "Same Bank" box in the lower left corner of the screen. 

Step 4: Click Previous Check to scroll through checks previously created for the selected Payee and Bank Account. 

Step 5: Continue clicking Previous Check until you locate the one you're looking for.

Security Permissions Required




*Can Access Accounting Tree Branch

BANK – Write Checks

BANK - Search Checks

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