Use Search Checks to view all Accounts Payable checks created, printed or voided during a selected time frame (Administration > Accounting > Banking > Search Checks)Using this screen, you can also update, void, and reprint checks.

Use the Text Search field to sort the list by Payee, Pay Type or Employee

For example, you can enter the Payee’s name into the search field and click Refresh to view all checks with that Payee name with checks in the date range you selected. If the check(s) you’re looking for does not appear, check the spelling and try changing the Bank Account or Date Range.

Update, void, or print a check

Highlight a check and click Update to edit check information such as amount, date, memo or allocations. Only the Memo and Reference Number fields can be edited once the check is posted, printed or voided.

 - Highlight a check and click Void to void a check. You’ll be warned if the check has already been printed or posted and will be prompted for a void reason.

 - Highlight a check and click Print to send the check to the print queue. You’ll be prompted for the starting check number.

Security Permissions Required




*Can Access Accounting Tree Branch

BANK – Print Checks

BANK – Write Checks

BANK – Reprint Checks