Use the Search Deposits screen to view or void bank deposits or merchant card sweeps (Administration > Accounting > Banking > Search Deposits). Highlight a record and click View Deposit to view the Deposit Summary Report.

You cannot change/update a deposit

A completed deposit cannot be edited. To make a change to a completed deposit, delete the deposit using the Delete Deposit button and then make a new deposit.

Step by Step:

Delete a completed deposit

You cannot void a deposit if it is included in a completed bank reconciliation.

Step 1: Open the Bank Deposits screen (Administration > Accounting > Banking > Search Deposits).

Step 2: Highlight the deposit.

Step 3: Click Delete Deposit.

Step 4: Click Yes on the confirmation message and void the deposit.

 - All associated transactions can be added to new deposits. All transactions and cash drawer sessions associated with the voided deposit are available on Make Deposit/Merchant Card Sweep. This means you add the transactions to a new deposit.

 - What if the deposit has been posted to the GL? A reversing entry is created.

 - What will you see on the bank reconciliation? You will see a deposit entry and withdrawal entry for the voided deposit.

Security Permissions Required




*Can Access Accounting Tree Branch

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