The Bank Register report gives you an overview of the selected bank account based on beginning and ending balances. This report will show you all the deposits processed and the payments made within the accounting period or time frame you select and includes the transaction date, check number, payee, memo information, and the amount of the deposit or payment. By clicking on the date of the transaction you will be able to view the details of that transaction.

 - If used in conjunction with the Bank Reconciliation utility this report will show you the deposits and checks that have cleared the bank.


 - Accounting Period: Accounting periods are created, closed, and reopened using the Periods tab on the Accounting Setup screen (Administration > Accounting > General Setup > Accounting Periods).

 - Bank Account: Check the This is a Bank Reconciliation Account box on the Detail Posting Account screen (Administration > Accounting > General Setup > Chart of Accounts).

Evosus Payroll Services

Checks that were imported using Evosus Payroll Services have a "PR-" prepended to the payee name on the Bank Register Report.

Security Permissions Required




*Can Access Accounting Tree Branch