Sales Order
Sales Orders now lock when multiple users attempt to access the same transaction.  Once a user has opened a Sales Order no other user can access the same order until it has been closed by the first user. A message will display noting employee and time they opened the order. Locks will be dropped after 20 minutes.  This will prevent one user from overwriting the work of another user.
Right Click Shortcuts
•Orders can now be cancelled via right click in the Orders menu of the Customer Profile.
•Transactions can now be emailed via right click in the Quotes, Orders or Invoices menus of the Customer Profile
•Notes can now be added via right click in the Quotes, Orders or Invoices menus of the Customer Profile.
Cancel Order
Cancelling orders has been consolidated into a single screen for faster processing.
Logos can now be printed on Customer Statements.
Fixed error that appeared when using maintenance contract credit card auto-processing.  
Credit Card Purge
Fixed issue where Secure Card Data Purge process would stop if Evosus came across a Credit Card number that had less than 8 characters.


Order Queues
Quotes can now be included in Order Queues.  There are three auto-capture rules:
•Quote Added
•Quote Expired
•Quote Promoted
You can manually add quotes to orders queues if you don’t want to use the rules.
Points Reward
Fixed issue where expiring points didn’t expire associated earned points.


Inventory Search
If you have turned on the PoolCorp integration, Evosus will now display SCP/SPP matches on the main Inventory tab when searching for an item. For instance, you type “4950” into the search field and Evosus returns one result from your database.  At the bottom of the grid, Evosus will display “3 more matches at PoolCorp.”  Click the link to view the items at PoolCorp that matched your search criteria.
In the new PoolCorp Inventory Search screen, you can further refine your search, optionally view quantity and price at your local branch, add items to Evosus, copy item code and description to the clipboard (useful for adding special order items to an order) or export the list to Excel.
Note:  Multi-select is available on the PoolCorp Inventory Search screen which is helpful when adding items to Evosus.
Multiple Accounts
Users can now set up multiple PoolCorp (SCP/SPP) Accounts.  This can be completed via Administration>Industry Integrations>General Setup>PoolCorp.   If you setup multiple accounts, Evosus will ask which account you wish to use during item imports, cost updates, PO submissions and AP invoice downloads.
WaterLink® Datamate 10 by LaMotte
New integration with WaterLink Datamate 10 includes:
•Customer Sync
•Import Water Tests to Evosus
•View Recent Water Test Clients in POS Search Grid
Go to Administration>Inventory>Industry Integrations>General Setup>WaterLink Datamate 10 by LaMotte to setup the integration.  You will need the SQL Server Name, Database Name, SQL Login User ID and SQL Login Password.  Click Set Default Credentials if you are unsure of the login information.  If the default does not work, you must contact LaMotte for setup assistance.  Evosus cannot assist with SQL login information.
NOTE:  Integration requires a centralized Datamate database.  Evosus cannot assist with combining databases or creating a centralized database. Contact LaMotte for more information about creating a centralized database.
New integration with Datamate by PoolCorp includes:
•Customer Sync
•Import Water Tests to Evosus
•View Recent Water Test Clients in POS Search Grid
Go to Administration>Inventory>Industry Integrations>General Setup>Datamate by PoolCorp to setup the integration.  You will need the SQL Server Name, Database Name, SQL Login User ID and SQL Login Password.  Click Set Default Credentials if you are unsure of the login information. If the default does not work, you must contact LaMotte for setup assistance.  Evosus cannot assist with SQL login information.
NOTE:  Integration requires a centralized Datamate database.  Evosus cannot assist with combining databases or creating a centralized database.  Contact LaMotte for more information about creating a centralized database.
Submit Purchase Orders
If a user adds items to a PO that has already been sent electronically, they will receive a warning that the PO was already sent to the vendor. Every 5 minutes after the initial warning another warning will be shown while the user is in the PO reminding them they are making changes to a submitted PO.  These changes will NOT be made to the submitted PO.  You must manually make the changes on the vendor’s website.
Purchase Orders
Fixed issue where PO failed to send when the quantity included a decimal.
Item Cost Update
Fixed issue where Item Cost Update were coming back with a message saying the item was not found in Crik-It’s database when the items actually matched.


Purchase Order
Purchase Orders now lock. Adding or editing items within a purchase order creates a lock for the user that created the transaction. The following rules apply to the locks:
•Adding, editing or cancelling items creates a lock
•The lock is released after 20 minutes of inactivity on the purchase order
•Lock is removed if user leaves Items menu in PO
•Multiple users can hold individual locks
•A lock will prevent other users from changing the status of that PO
Sub-departments can no longer be deleted when included in Price Groups, Store Price Overrides or Points Filters. Evosus now displays a notification stating where the sub-department is in use.
Purchase Order
Fixed issue with item quantities displaying long decimals after deleting receipt of an item.
Vendor Profile
Fixed error when accessing the item receipts menu in the Vendor Profile.

Maintenance Contracts

Contract Processing
Maintenance Contract Processing now locks. Process can only be run by one user at a time. Lock expires after 20 minutes or once the first user closes/finishes processing.


Time Zones
Previously, Evosus used the database time to record punch in/out times.  This was sometimes inaccurate for companies with employees in multiple time zones.  We will now use the time of the employee’s workstation or terminal server session.


Add Credit Card Charges
Credit card charges can now be created in Evosus by selecting a credit card payment method in Pay Bills or manually creating a charge via Administration>Accounting>Accounts Payable>Add Credit Card Charge.
•The Add Credit Card Charge screen allows you to manually enter a charge that is not associated to a vendor invoice.  If the charge will be associated to an invoice, you must select the Is Prepay Bill check box so a debit memo is created, just like the Write Checks process.
•You can split a charge across multiple GL accounts and/or jobs by clicking Split / Job.
•The Is Receipt on File box is helpful for auditing purposes to determine whether or not you received a receipt from the employee.  This box is also available when updating a charge.
•Credit card charges are deleted and not voided.  You cannot see a credit card charge once it is deleted.
•Credit Card charges now display in the Vendor Profile>Payments menu.
•Negative charge amounts can be entered.
•Tax can be applied to credit card charges in Canadian, Australian and New Zealand databases.
•Credit cards are setup under Administration>Accounting>General Setup>Payment Methods.  You must select Payment as the Category, Credit Card as the type and select the appropriate liability account.  This liability account will be used during the reconciliation process.  More than one credit card can be associated to the same liability account.
Search Credit Card Charges
Search Credit Card Charges is located in Administration>Accounting>Accounts Payable>Search Credit Card Charges.   This screen displays recent credit card charges with the option to change the time frame. Information available includes card name and GL account, vendor, amount, receipt on file, employee, posted and reconciled status.  You can also add or void credit card charges from the screen.
Additional options on the left vertical menu include Credit Card Statements (reconciliations), Payments (all payment types) and Bills (unpaid vendor invoices).
Credit Card Reconciliation
Credit Card reconciliations can be completed under Administration>Accounting>Accounts Payable>Reconcile Credit Card Statements.
When creating a statement, you must select a GL Account and NOT a credit card since GL accounts can be associated to more than one credit card.  When selecting the GL account, transactions for all credit cards associated to that GL account will appear.
When creating your FIRST statement for a GL account, you must select a begin date. Since you’ve probably been posting transactions to the liability account for several years, you don’t want Evosus to bring in ALL transactions. Once you complete the first statement, Evosus will use the last date of the prior statement as the beginning date for the next statement.
Just like your bank statements, you’ll need to enter the balance as it appears on the credit card statement for the selected period.
Once the reconciliation is created, Evosus will display all outstanding charges and payments/credits.  Click Statement is Reconciled once the Difference displays as $0.00.
Vendor Search
The Vendor Search has been redesigned for easier access and improved functionality.  New features include:
•The vendor search screen will now stay open until you choose to close the screen.  This means Vendor Search will now display in the Window drop down.  You could keep this screen open all day and quickly access it via the Windows drop down.
•Right click was added to the Vendor Search grid providing access to common vendor information such as purchase orders and bills.
•Additional search options were added including Contains the Text, Begins with and Wildcard.  The wildcard search will search everything including vendor name, address, account number and more.
Vendor Profile
Added the ability to Pay Bills from the Debit Memos>Options button and the Invoices>Options button of the Vendor Profile.
Budget Import
Budgets can now be exported and imported using Excel or Open Office spreadsheets.  Importing a spreadsheet will replace ALL existing data in the budget with information from the spreadsheet.  Below are a few rules for the budget import:
•If a field is left blank or deleted from the spreadsheet, the field will be imported as $0.00 in the budget in Evosus.
•Imports cannot be completed for Closed budgets.
•Spreadsheet cannot be imported if column or row headers are changed.  For instance, you cannot change the store abbreviation in the spreadsheet.
Journal Entries
Importing journal entries previously displayed up to 4 decimal places in the import preview, but only imported two decimals.  The import tool now no longer allows more than two decimals. Users must enter 2 decimal places for a successful import.
Vendor Discounts
Discounts applied to vendor invoices are now saved separately as a payment on the vendor invoice.  This allows you to manually void the discount without also voiding the associated cash/check/credit card payment.


Merchant Receipt Printing
Fixed issue that caused Merchant Receipts to print to screen in a minimized window.
Suggested Stock Trans.
Fixed issue that caused Suggested Stock Transfer report to exit unexpectedly.
Quantity on Hand
Fixed error that presented itself when the report was ran with no selected filters.
Stock Transfer Register
Fixed error in Stock Transfer Register.


Security Permission
Admin-Accounting – AP – Credit Card Charges
New security permission grants adding, updating and viewing credit card charges.
Security Permission
Admin-Accounting – AP – Credit Card Charges - Void
New security permission allows users to delete credit card charges.
Security Permission
Admin-Accounting – AP – Credit Card Statements
New security permission allows users to reconcile credit card statements.
Evosus Install
Users can now select the location of the Evosus installation without being limited to the C drive.
Phone Number Formatting
Removed phone number formatting for Australia databases.
Fixed issue of users were not able to log in because Licenses count was being exceeded when licenses were available.
Country Setting
Fixed error that appeared in Customer Profile>Options menu when company country was set to Cayman Islands.

Patch v6.3.21

 - Customer Sales History can now be imported using Excel or OpenOffice spreadsheets.

 - Fixed Cannot Save Record error with editing Advertising Codes.

 - Fixed issue where Credit Card Charge Comments were not transferring to the GL.

 - Fixed issue where users were unable to correct the date on unreconciled Bank Reconciliations.

 - Fixed issue with the Quote Distribution Method on a Quote not carrying over when promoted to a job.

 - Fixed issue with Purchase Orders not saving employee selections in the Notify Employee section.

 - Fixed issue with the Batch Check entry was not displaying all Customers with a balance in the drop-down menu.

 - Fixed issue with Site Profiles not displaying on Poolwerx invoices when the option was selected.

Patch v6.3.19

 - Updated PayPros References to OpenEdge.

 - Fixed Sales by Creative Report, Export to Excel now includes Creative name & description.

 - SOI Items now bring cost over when being added to existing PO.

 - Cancelled SOI Receipts no longer show on Open Item Receipts Report.

 - Fixed issue with apostrophe limitations in Docs/Pics. Apostrophes are allowed.

 - Fixed issue regarding illegal characters making files Docs/Pics inaccessible.

 - Fixed item Average Lead Time Calculation.

 - Fixed PoolCorp Integration: Electronic PO’s can now be sent (only an issue in v6.3+).

 - Fixed issue with Most Popular Items Report export summary to Excel.

 - Fixed issue with Long Job Comments causing error in Customer Audit Log.

 - Fixed error in Commissions Report caused by Manual Commissions Transactions.

 - Fixed System Parameter for Pending Return: Auto Move to Inventory to retain entry during update.

 - Fixed error related to Long Interview Questions that appeared when changing interview question order.

Patch v6.3.15

 - Fixed communication error received when attempting to test Horizon integration. 

 - Updated stock transfer logic to ensure negative transactions are properly cleared. 

 - Fixed error received when performing self-install from versions prior to 6.3.12.

 - You can no longer apply negative AP Credit Card transactions to the accounts payable account.

Patch v6.3.12

 - Action Items were created upon Delivery. This now happens at an invoicing.  Also, added Delivery Date to the invoice line item for easier reconciliation.

 - Vendor Cost was displaying for employees without permission to view cost. Cost will no longer display if user does not have the permission.

 - Process for copying production database to test now runs between 8pm-12am or 4am-6am.

 - Dates now sort properly in the Invoices and Quotes grids of the Customer Profile.

 - Recurring Tasks set up from Sales or Service orders now display in Search Schedule-Calendar View.

 - Manually adding serial numbers will now stamp the current date as the received date.

 - Resolved error when placing POs on order from the New POs screen.

 - Route sheet will now display customer information for job-related tasks.

 - Fixed issue where kits could not be searching using the Barcode search option.

 - Item Class calculation was updated to only include transactions from POS, Sales Invoices, Service Invoices, Job Deliveries and returns.

 - RGA's with Labor Type Items now post to the warranty income account selected in Accounting Defaults.

 - Fixed error that displayed when using the Performance Analyzer Graph It button.

 - Fixed issue that happened when updating the Manufacturer using the Mass Update Inventory Utility.

 - Changed messaging on vendor PO restrictions to be more descriptive.

 - Removed Stock Transfers and added Suggested Stock Transfers to Quote Order Queue right click.

 - Fixed error when resizing Job Bills screen.

 - Fixed Excel export error in the Item Research>Quantities & Item Research>Ins & Outs Log grids.

 - Fixed Tax Authorities "print this message…" space on Invoices to prevent the message from being cut off.

 - Fixed display in AU database the Overall Performance where the date was being displayed in US Format rather than AU format.

 - Inventory Turn Report previously calculated 999.00 weeks for items with no movement. Report now displays 0.00 when an item has no movement. If an item has transactions then the calculated number of weeks on hand will display in this field.

 - Fixed issue AU users were having with importing new Inventory Items with GST Tax Inclusive Pricing.

 - Passwords with a % were causing issues with attempting to log into POS. % symbol is no longer allowed to be used in Passwords.

 - Removed Option to filter Inventory Valuation Report by Special Order Items since SOIs do not track quantity.

 - Fixed issue with entering negative balances for GST in the Product Setup Tool AP Opening Balances.

 - Vendor Item Receipts report now displays serial number & comments.

 - Fixed issue when emailing customers without an email address on file. Subject line will now display customer last name.

 - Fixed issue of commission’s payable not updating on POS transactions when line items are $0.00.

 - Fixed error that displayed when adding/updating a Vendor’s Insurance information in the Vendor Profile.

 - Fixed bug where debit card payments were displaying as "credit card" in the vendor profile.