Recurring Transactions
Recurring transactions can now be created for AP Invoices, Credit Card transactions & GL Entries.  Each of the above transactions includes a Make Recurring button where you can schedule the recurrence pattern.  You can select a start date, end date and recurrence pattern.  The originating transaction must be saved before you can make it recurring.  The recurrence cannot be edited.  You must deactivate the schedule and recreate it.  Search for all saved recurring transactions in:
•Administration>Accounting>Accounts Payable
•Administration>Accounting>Accounts Payable>Credit Cards
•Administration>Accounting>Accounting Desk

Use Tax - Not Collectable
**New Feature**
Businesses can now choose whether or not to pass Use Tax on to the customer.  A new Sales Tax Authority called “Use Tax – Not Collectable” will allow companies to not pass Use Tax on to the customer.  The tax is calculated and posted, but does not increase the invoice amount.  During the set up for this new Tax Authority, users will have to select a Use Tax – Not Collectable Expense Account, this is where we will post the expense not passed on to customers.
The tax will display on the Sales Tax Due report.
Skip Bank Deposit – EFT Collection
**New Feature**
Users can now skip the Bank Deposit process for EFT/ACH payments.  Transactions are automatically deposited to the Stores default Preferred Bank Account and will not display in Make Deposit.
To setup, go to Administration>Accounting>General Setup>Payment Methods.  Choose Category: Collection, Type:  Check and check the box for “Is Automatic Bank Deposit.”
Watch the video below of see Payment Methods for detailed information.

Tips on using this new feature:
•A payment cannot be voided until the corresponding bank deposit is voided.
•Manually voiding a bank deposit will not void its originating payment. You must delete the deposit, and then void the payment.
•Voiding a deposit will make the transaction available to select for deposit in the Make Deposits screen (Administration > Accounting > Banking > Make Deposits).
•A bank deposit cannot be voided if it is already included in a bank reconciliation.
•If you have to change the payment method on an existing transaction, you cannot change the payment method to a method that is set up to automatically create a deposit. You also cannot change the payment method of the existing transaction if it was assigned a method that automatically creates a deposit.
•Refunds - If a transaction is assigned a payment method that automatically created a deposit, you must manually void the bank deposit using the Search Deposits screen (Administration > Accounting > Banking > Search Deposits) before you can process the refund.
Skip Print Checks Queue – EFT Payment
**New Feature**
Users can now skip the Accounts Payable Print Checks process for EFT/ACH payments using a payment method marked as “Skip Print Checks Queue.”
 Payments created in Pay Bills using this payment method will not appear in the Print Checks queue and will have a default check number of “Not Printed.”
To setup, go to Administration>Accounting>General Setup>Payment Methods.  Choose Category: Payment, Type:  Check and check the box for “Skip Print Checks Queue.”
RGA Receipts
AP Credit Card refunds can now be linked to an RGA Receipt.
Income Statement
Fixed “Compare Period To” filter to properly display comparison period information.
Income Statement
Fixed “As of Date” paired with “Display Months (or quarters) as Columns” filter. All month (or quarter) columns will always appear, but now data will only be calculated up to the As of Date.
Tax Authority Rates
Tax Authority percentage rate now allows 8 decimals, as required in Arizona.
Debit Memos
Users can no longer select an account other than the Accounts Receivable account when marking a debit memo as “Is for RGA.”
Debit Memos
Fixed issue where users could not edit the amount of a debit memo marked as “Is for RGA.”
Use Tax
Changes in unit cost on an invoice where Use Tax is applied will now always post to Miscellaneous Income.


Customer Import
Lead/Customer import utility now includes a third option to Not Check for Duplicates.  In general, this should ONLY be used during the initial data conversion process as it could result in duplicate customer records.  The three options now are:
•Do Not Check for Duplicates – all customer records are added from the spreadsheet regardless of possible duplicate entries.  Evosus WILL create duplicate customer records if they exist.
•Skip Duplicates, Do NOT Add New Advertising Code – Evosus will only import records that are not duplicated.  If a duplicate exists on the spreadsheet, it will not be imported to Evosus.
•Skip Duplicates, Add New Advertising Code if it does not already exist – Evosus will import the Advertising Code on duplicate records which creates a new Interest record on the customer’s account.  It does not create a new customer.
Disappearing Credit Memo
Fixed issue where credit memos were not properly created for partially voided invoices.
Credit Memo Locks
Locked deposits will now be unapplied and converted to a credit memo when an order is manually closed.
New Lead/Customer
Users will no longer be prompted to select a State when entering customers from Puerto Rico or Monaco.
Refund Status
Fixed issue where unassociated customer refunds were not displaying a status of Posted even though the transaction had been posted to the GL.
Fixed issue with how unapplied deposits showed on Customer Statements causing a balance to display when no balance was due.
Invoice Remit Slip Changes
Minor text changes were made to the Australian invoice remittance slip.
Customer Statement
Added remittance slip to Australian statements.


Water Test Sync
Fixed issue where syncing customers from water analysis software created a new “Unknown” interest record on the Evosus customer’s account.  
Added integration compatibility for Canada.
Import New Items - Integration will use the ManufacturerNumber as Our Item Code in Evosus.   The PoolCorp ProductNumber will still be placed on the Item Vendor Relationship.     Duplicate checking logic that already existed before adding the item now checks ManufacturerNumber AND ProductNumber as duplicate.
Import New Items - Integration will use the ManufacturerNumber as Our Item Code in Evosus.   The Horizon Code will still be placed on the Item Vendor Relationship.     Duplicate checking logic that already existed before adding the item now checks ManufacturerNumber AND Horizon Code as duplicate.
Carecraft IPG
New Integration with Carecraft  includes:
•Import New Inventory
•Update Cost on Existing Inventory
•Submit Purchase Orders
•Import Vendor Invoices
Go to Administration>Inventory>Industry Integrations>General Setup>Carecraft IPG to setup the integration.  You will need your API & Member Key.  
New Integration with Optimus includes:
•Import New Inventory
Go to Administration>Inventory>Industry Integrations>General Setup>Optiums to setup the integration.


Merge Items
** New Feature**
Duplicate inventory items can now be merged in Evosus.
•Items cannot be unmerged once the merge is complete.
•Items cannot be merged if:
oItems have different selling units of measure
oOne of the items is included in an open Physical Count
oMerge FROM item has negative quantities
oMerge FROM item is included in an open ICPO
oMerge TO item is marked as Do Not Sell
oMerge FROM item was previously merged
oKits cannot be merged.
oItems have different Item Types
▪Stock/Nonstock merging is allowed
▪Labor/Other merging is allowed
▪Stock/Nonstock to Labor/Other and vice versa is not allowed
What happens when you merge?
•A new stock adjustment reason is auto-created on first merge. It is called “Merge Inventory Items”, and posts to Item COGS account. We Recommend this stock adjustment reason does not get changed.
•Evosus stock adjusts all quantity on hand OUT of inventory for the merge FROM item.
•Evosus stock adjusts all the quantity on hand INTO inventory for the merge TO item.
•If an Item exists on a kit, then the kit is updated to use the TO item, and removes the inactive FROM item.
•The sales history is reassigned to the new merge TO item in the background.
•Mark merge FROM item as do not sell.

Adding New Items
** New Feature**
Users can now add new items from POS, Orders and Quotes with proper security permissions.
Purchase Orders
Labor and Other Type items are now removed from the Open Item Receipts Report if the PO receipt is deleted.
Kit Codes
Fixed issue with Kit Codes that contained apostrophe’s popping Invalid Character notification when added to an order.
Physical Count
Fixed timeout messaging that appeared when preparing a physical count tens of thousands of items. Timeout time has been increased, but extremely large counts may still timeout.  Evosus recommends reducing the size of the count using filters in this situation.
Purchase Order Notify
The Notify Employee feature in purchase orders will now send notifications even if a customer is not selected on the Customers Waiting menu.
Vendor PO
Fixed issue where closed item receipts were displayed on the Vendor Item Receipts screen when the Open filter was selected.
Serial Numbers
Fixed issue with undelivered serialized items being locked to closed orders. Now closing an order with an undelivered serialized item will drop the lock from the order.
Duplicate receipts are no longer allowed on ICPO’s.
Unit Cost Override
Evosus no longer prevents users from completing unit cost overrides when an item receipt was recently deleted.
Rounding w/Discounts
Updated logic related to rounding decimal places with line item Discounts. Users can now successfully add discounts to line items extending past 2 decimal places without running into Data Validation errors.
ReOrder Alerts
Updated the Suggested Stock Transfer logic to match purchase order reorder logic.
Kits & GST Tax
Kits will now display GST Tax Inclusive Pricing in Kit Build & on Item Review screens.
Special Characters
Special Characters "! ; @ ^ = | and single apostrophe are now allowed to be added in Item Codes.
Kit Pricing
Merging items into a $0.00 kit on an order and selecting the pro-rate option will retain the $0.00 price.  
Retail Price Change Utility
Retail Price Change Utility now displays Australian GST Inclusive pricing, so users can now adjust GST Inclusive Pricing.
Import/Export Utility
Company Serial & Evosus ID numbers are now exported with item information. Numbers need to match Company info during Import or items will not import.


Open Item Receipts
Fixed issue with Labor & Other Type items not coming off the Open Items Receipts Report after being deleted from Item Receipts
Average Sales Report
POS transactions will now be excluded when the Exclude POS Transactions option is selected.
Sales Tax Due
Fixed issue with Sales Tax Due Report not showing negative entries for undelivered Job Materials. This fix will update Sales Tax Due Reports for prior months as well.


Sales Manager
The Sales Manager now includes right click options for Mass Invoicing, Printing & Emailing Orders & Invoices has been added to the Right Click menu of the Sales Manager screens. This new right click menu is accessible from Sales Manager – Quotes, Orders & Invoice grid screens.
•On the Orders screen users can now right click to mass Email, Print & Invoice and view AR Aging & Statements.
oWhen invoicing all items are invoiced & delivered. - Serialized Items without a serial number assigned will be invoiced, but not delivered.
oAll Tasks will be marked as completed.
•On the Quotes screen users can now right click to mass Email & Print (Order, Packing Slip & Delivery Slip) and view AR Aging & Statements.
oEmail 15 orders at a time. 1 email is created for each order.
•On the Invoice Screen users can now right click for the same prompts as Orders with the addition of paying with a credit card on file.
Watch this video for more detailed information.

Use Tax & Invoicing
Evosus now warns users when there is a change to Use Tax at Invoicing.  This can occur if unit cost changes from the time the order is created to the time the invoice is created.  This will allow you to make any necessary corrections or adjustments prior to creating the invoice.
Order Transfers
Users can no longer transfer orders that have deposits/credits applied. You must first unapply the deposit/credit and then transfer the order.
Terms & Conditions
Fixed Issue with Terms & Conditions being cut off on printed Service Orders. Terms & Conditions will now display up to 900 characters without being cut off.
Kit Price
Hold pricing is now activated when the retail price of a kit is changed.
Sales Goals
Fixed issue with Sales Goals not being reduced by Returns & Exchanges.
Tax Display – Orders/Invoices
Added a new Tax breakdown display on Orders & Invoices. Clicking Taxes in the top right (order or invoice) total will show a breakdown of all taxes applied on the Transaction. Details can be sorted by:
•Tax Authority
•Tax Code
•GL Account
•Line Item
Decimal Rounding
Made general logic changes to address decimal rounding issues in Australian database when discounting GST inclusive items.


Schedule Rules
Schedule Rules is a new feature we added to Evosus to allow users to create smart scheduling. This scheduling can be based on Day of the Week, Tech, Quadrant or Route, Task or Category. This will allow Evosus to be smarter when it comes to suggesting open time slots for a specific task.

Tech Set up
When adding new techs, the tech hours now default to the hours setup in the monthly Service Hours.
Tech Set up
Default Location will now auto select the store if only one store exists.


Docs/Pics now supports the following features:
•Updated Docs/Pics Screens in a Tree Branch Format
•Drag/Drop Files to between Folders
•Added Features in Mobile Dashboard for Folder creation related to Mobile Sent Docs/Pics
System Parameter
Selecting “1” on the Purchase Order Company Name System Parameter will now use company name in the Licensed Company screen instead of Accounting Defaults.
System Parameter
System/Mobile - Deliver Items During Sync
When the mobile device syncs and sends items to be added to service and sales orders, enter "Yes" to have the sync process mark those items as "Delivered".  "No" will add the item and leave it in a "Waiting Delivery" status.
System Parameter
System/Mobile – Transfer Pictures over WIFI Only
Transfer pictures from the phone to Evosus over WIFI connection only.
System Parameter
Fixed error that appeared when character count was exceeded on Docs/Pics default folder names.
Search Defaults
Evosus will now remember a user’s default search options.  Evosus will remember your last selected filter option on each of the search screens and default to that option the next time you visit that screen.  You can decide which search screens Evosus should remember by going to File>Remember My Search Defaults.  Search screens include:
•POS Customer Search
•Main Customer Search
•Main Vendor Search
•Payee Search in Write Checks

Security Permission
Admin-Inventory – Can Merge Inventory Items
New security permission allows user to Merge Inventory Items.
Security Permission
Admin-Service/Delivery – Can Manage Schedule Rules
New security permission allows user manage Schedule Rules.
Security Permission
Industry Integrations – Optimus
New security permission allows user to Access Optimus Set-up.
Security Permission
Mobile – Can Access Mobile Dashboard
New security permission allows user to access the Mobile Dashboard.
Security Permission
Mobile – Can Edit Default Mobile Notes
New security permission allows user to Edit Default Mobile notes.
Security Permission
Mobile – Can Email Customer
New security permission allows mobile tech to email customer from their device.
Security Permission
Mobile – Can Text Customer
New security permission allows mobile tech to text customer from their device.
Security Permission
Industry Integrations – Carecraft IPG
New security permission allows user to Access Carecraft IPG Set-up.

Patch v6.4.72

 - Corrected an issue where a timeout error would appear when doing physical counts. 

Patch v6.4.71

 - Evosus Payroll Services: Payroll was not importing automatically when the Automatically Import My Payroll Data Daily box was checked on the Payroll Dashboard (Administration > Evosus Payroll Services > Payroll Dashboard).

 - Watkins Integration: A "Communication Error Failed to talk to the Watkins Web Service" error message appeared anytime the application tried to communicate with the Watkins Web Service.

 - Duplicate Timecard Entries: Corrected an issue where duplicate timecard entries were appearing on reports. This could occur if two administrators approved the same timecard entry. The Timecard Punch Detail Report and Employee Timecards Report will now display the same number of hours, and the Approve Timecards and Punch Timecard reports will also display the same hours.

Patch v6.4.64

There has been two enhancements to Evosus Payroll Services.

#1 Bank Register Report. Checks that were imported using Evosus Payroll Services now have a "PR-" prepended to the payee name on the Bank Register Report.

#2 Negative Checks. Evosus Payroll Services was enhanced to import a negative check amount. A negative check amount exists when a payroll check is voided, and you need to reduce the GL account that it posted to.

Example 1 - An employee is paid a net pay of $250.00 in error using a paper check. This hits the payroll clearing account as an individual check in the automatic import. A payroll is done to back out the $250.00, so a negative check is needed to remove the amount from the payroll clearing account.

Example 2 - An employee is paid a net pay of $1000.00 in error using a direct deposit. This hits the payroll clearing account as part of a larger lump sum direct deposit amount for the entire payroll. Then a direct deposit recall is done, sending the $1000.00 back to the employers account AND a payroll is done to void the transaction in payroll. The payroll is what creates the negative check, which reduces the payroll clearing account by $1000.00.

A special note on payroll in 2017

Please carefully review payroll deductions during your first January payroll. The system will not purge goal amounts for deductions like loans, and may begin withholding payroll deductions already satisfied in the prior year. We recommend reviewing PTO balances prior to finalizing your first 2017 payroll as well.

More fixes in this release:

 - Evosus Mobile Service (Global Ticket: 16071): When a tech adds items to an order using Evosus Mobile Service, the system now selects the appropriate tax code. In previous versions, items would not always be assigned the default tax set up on the customer instead of the tax set up on the store.

 - Approve Timecards (Global Ticket: 16139): Corrected an issue where in very rare and specific circumstances, users that are set up to edit and approve timecards could not edit punches using the Approve Timecards screen (Administration > Timecards > Approve Timecards).

Patch v6.4.62

 - Fixed an issue where after updating to 6.4.58, nothing happened when you clicked the Evosus icon.

 - Global Ticket # 16286: When exporting a schedule list to MS Excel, an error message displayed and the generated spreadsheet was missing data. This issue was fixed in this release. To export a schedule list to MS Excel, go to Administration > Service and Delivery > Search Schedule – Day List, Week List, Month List, and click the MS Excel icon in the grid.

Patch v6.4.58

 - Evosus Payroll Services now imports checks for vendors using the Federal ID, not the Social Security number. This is set up on vendors using the Federal ID field on the Vendor screen (Administration > Accounting > Accounts Payable > Search Vendors > Open a vendor > Options tab).

 - Evosus Payroll Services has been enhanced to include a set up option that allows you to import a single journal entry. 

 - Corrected an issue where Evosus Payroll Services was not using the Federal, State, Local, Social Security, and Medicate withholding GL accounts set up in Payroll Relief. It will also now use the deduction GL accounts set up in Payroll Relief for 3rd party checks.

 - Evosus Payroll Services now imports check numbers on physical checks if the check numbers were assigned in Payroll Relief.

 - A Social Security number column has been added to the Import Employees from Spreadsheet utility (Administration > System > Employees).

 - A Show colors on the Service Schedule List View option has been added to the System Parameters screen (Administration > System > Evosus Defaults > System Parameters > Service tab). Enter No to remove the color coding and improve the performance of the Search Schedule - Day List, Week List, Month screens.

 - Corrected an issue where uncompleted tasks where showing as completed after syncing the mobile Evosus Mobile with Evosus Enterprise.

Patch v6.4.54

Evosus Payroll Services now imports checks from Payroll Relief into Evosus. Here is what you need to know:

 - Before you upgrade: If you already use Evosus Payroll Services, all journal entries in the Payroll Dashboard (Evosus Administration > Evosus Payroll Services > Payroll Dashboard) must be processed before upgrading to this release.

 - Before you process a payroll: All employees must have an SSN set up in Evosus, and all employees paid in Payroll Relief must be set up in Evosus.

 - Journal entries are now split into three entries

PR-1: Wages, and commissions are debited, and deductions/withholdings are credited.

PR-2: Social security and Medicare expenses are debited, and social security and Medicare withholdings payable are credited.

PR-3: Federal and state unemployment is debited, and unemployment withholdings payable is credited.

 - Checks are now imported: Direct deposits are imported as a single lump sum check to reflect how the transaction hits your bank account. Tax payments, manual checks and third party payments, such as child support, are added separately. 

 - Do not print checks in Evosus: Generate a PDF of the paychecks in Payroll Relief and then print the PDF on your own check stock. You should also reprint checks in Payroll Relief.

Here is an outline of the new process.




Step 1: Input and process the paychecks in Payroll Relief. This includes generating the PDF of the checks and printing them on your own check stock.

Step 2: Import - This step happens automatically if you check the Automatically Import My Payroll Data Daily box on the Summary tab of the Payroll Dashboard.

Step 3: Post - Journal entries are imported with an On Hold status. Review the imported journal entries on the Journal Entry Search screen, and uncheck the Hold Posting box to post the journal entries to the General Ledger.  If the journal entries do not appear, open the Summary tab on the Payroll Dashboard and review the error message generated by the import. For example, an employee in Evosus does not have an SSN. Refer to the application help for information on correcting an import error and manually reimporting the batch.


Additional enhancements and fixes

 - Global Ticket# 15952: Fixed an issues where the Days Old column on a serialized item was incorrect when the item was added to the PO before it was received on the PO.

 - Global Ticket# 15983: Corrected an issue where an “Unable to Load Re-Order Alert Form. Unknown Item” message would appear when adding a reorder alert using the Mass Add/Update/Delete Reorder Alert Items screen.

 - Global Ticket# 16075: When creating multiple AP invoices for the same vendor, the Apply Inventory tab now automatically refreshes to include the item receipts.

 - Global Ticket# 15453: Corrected a spelling error on the Terms and Conditions screen (Administration > Sales > General Setup > Terms and Conditions > Add).

 - Global Ticket# 16040: Fixed an issue with receiving a portion of an ICPO.

 - We added the new Evosus logo and icon to the application.

 - We updated and softened the colors on the service calendars.

 - Search Schedule - Day Calendar (Administration > Service and Delivery)

 - Search Schedule - Week Calendar (Administration > Service and Delivery)

 - Search Schedule - Dispatch (Administration > Service and Delivery)

 - And the service calendar launched from several places in the application

 - Corrected the Filter By Category and Filter By Who drop down fields on the Project Setup Tool so that you can select an option by typing the first few characters of that option.

 - The form title was Service Invoice instead of Service Order when previewing a service order.

 - Fixed a spelling error on the Cash Requirements Report (Administration > Reports > Accounting > Accounts Payable > Cash Requirements).

Patch v6.4.34

 - Australia & New Zealand: Not Taxed is no longer listed when choosing a Tax Code

 - Australia & New Zealand: Fixed appearance of how Not Taxed displays on Sales Tax Due Report

Patch v6.4.32

 - Fixed issues with Poolwerx Sales Tax Due reporting

 - Changed Upgrade Script to avoid unnecessary SOI reversal.

Patch v6.4.31

 - Fixed Address Lookup feature (implement new location, address validation and zip vendor API Services)


Patch v6.4.28

 - Fixed Payment Amounts with Multiple Due Dates

 - Made Changes to Finance Charges Screen so refreshing is required before assessing charges

 - Fixed issues with RGAs only receiving items from Primary Vendor

 - New System Parameter to allow Customer ID to appear on Mobile Devices

 - Mobile Sync now sends 80 Tasks, before Equipment & Last 5 Service Orders info don’t sync

 - Customer VIP Status now displays on Mobile Device

 - Deposits entered w/different Processing date, now post on backdated date and not server date

 - Vendor Item Receipt Report now only displays information for filtered vendor(s)

 - Maintenance Contract now defaults with proper Route/Quadrant

 - Day Calendar view, Task Tool on Right Hand side; additional Task fields have been suppressed

 - Fixed issue with Maintenance Contracts Messaging Items do not exist, when they actually do

 - Correct Error that appeared when adding a credit card charge for a vendor without a default GL

 - Fixed Price List Report, filter for ‘available items only’ now works properly

 - Fixed Excel Error when exporting Performance Analysis Report

 - Service & Delivery Week View now properly displays partial hours

 - Fixed Phone numbers with extensions, extensions no longer print twice

 - Fixed Service Order – Time, Travel & Action Grid timing out

 - Corrected Spelling error on Assess Finance Charges page

 - Fixed Job Billing Report Filter display on top of report, report no longer reports filters repeatedly

 - Aussie: Overall Performance Dates now display proper dates in proper format

 - Aussie: Long Customer Phone numbers no longer display error

 - Service & Delivery Search Permissions now function properly

 - Fixed error when attempting to run Kit Sales Report for Job Orders

 - Special Order Items now properly display expected date

 - Point Reward Award notifications now bring over customer contact information into Action Items

 - Fixed error that appeared when exporting service orders to excel from Customer Profile

 - Security Permission – Can Discount Orders in POS is now functioning properly

 - PDF Service Invoice now properly displays Service Invoice in window title bar

 - Fixed Error that appeared when using show possible duplicates button in Item Merge utility

 - Fixed Error that appeared when promoting POS Order to Invoice with Point Rewards Program

 - Serial Numbers in Stock report now display proper Vendors as set in filters

 - Fixed issue with Aussie Service Orders not printing for Customers with 20+ Phone numbers on file

 - Fixed & Changed wording of Security Permission “Negative Quantities – Can Transact from Orders” to “Negative Quantities – Can Transact from Invoices”

 - Removed System Parameter: Recalculate Tax on Quote/Order Save. This parameter was removed because as of v6.4 use tax now recalculates at invoicing.

 - Updated Link to Payroll Relief from Evosus to accommodate web address change

 - Notes can now be added for Quotes from Evosus Mobile Service

 - Fixed Issue with Removing Adjustments in Site Profile Prompts & Mobile Service/Delivery Prompts

 - Fixed issue with POS Exchange, leaving a 4 decimal balance. Leaving Invoice unable to close

 - PoolCorp Integration: Made changes to catalog updating with integration, catalog now updates when Cost Update Utility for the integration is processed, bringing in correct cost.

 - Crik-IT Integration: Fixed Cost Update Wizard

 - Watkins Integration: Fixed Connection error preventing Evosus from talking to Watkins Web Service

Patch v6.4.16

 - Fixed issue with UAG PO Electronic Sending only 1 line item of the PO to the Vendor

 - Updated Initiate Posting rules to prevent multiple users from posting the same journal at one time, to eliminate the chance of duplicate journal postings.

 - Fixed issues with deleting sub-departments that were assigned to a price group.

 - Fixed error that appeared when sending a test email from Mailbox set up or Creative/Auto Email.

 - Use Tax Not Collectible will now hide when Store Defaults are set to Hide Use Tax.

 - Printed Orders & Invoices no longer display 3 or 4 decimal totals in US Databases.

 - Fixed issue with Received, but customer cancelled SOI’s returning to inventory with the incorrect Retail Price in AU Databases.

 - Fixed issue with Use Tax Re-Calculation notes appearing during invoicing, when the recalculation already happened.

 - Mobile 2.0 users will now see correct Arrival/Departure times when syncing to Evosus BMS 6.4.

 - PO’s Employee Notify on Receipt Action Item will now include customer & order information, when items are received on POs.

 - Fixed issue with Inventory Tab/Rt. Click Vendor search displaying Employees & Customers, along with Vendors. Search now displays Vendors only.

 - Fixed Merge Customers screen. Text now makes reference to Customers, rather than inventory items.

 - Fixed Docs/Pics Rename feature, two slow clicks on file will now allow renaming.

 - Fixed issue with Void Deposit button in orders, routing users to Customer Profile, button now takes users to Payments page, so void can be executed.

 - Fixed Tab display on Contracts Register & Contracts Expiring report filters.

 - Fixed issue with comments in Physical Count/Transactions since start grid not appearing right away.

 - Creative Auto-Email Token %CUSTOMERNAME% now displays customer First Name Last Name.

 - Integration: Water Test Syncs no longer add UNKNOWN interest to Customer Marketing Interests.

 - Fixed issue with Last Column in Site Profile set up not saving desired change in sort order.

 - Fixed issue with Delivery Slips showing balance due, when account is current.

 - Income statements compare to period now compare as selected in filters.

Patch v6.4.8

 - Fixed error with UAG PO Electronic Send displaying error, error was preventing the PO from being electronically sent.

 - Made changes to Serial Number Tracking on Orders that will help alleviate issues with multiple quantities of serialized items. The enhancements are as follows:

 - Serial Number Tab in Orders: Order Item down menu now displays Line Item and Kit Sequence Number, so users can more easily reconcile back to Order Items Page.

 - Serial Number Tab in Orders: Assigned Serial Numbers List Now displays Line item number as well as Item Code, so users can reconcile or properly un-assign as desired.

 - Deliver Items Screen: Added Column on the right with Line Item Number, so users can accurately deliver serialized items based on order line item.