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Right Click Menu

The right click menu on the Quotes tab is different if you select more than one customer. This allows you to quickly perform a task on a group of customers.


To see a list of quotes that you created click the My Quotes button on the Employee Tab. This will provide you with a list of all your quotes for the month selected. You can switch from month to month by clicking the right [>] or left [<] arrows, and with permissions you can view other employees' quotes. The total of all the quotes for the employee listed and for the month selected is displayed above the search results along with the month to help the user know what they are viewing. To go directly to a specific quote you can enter the Order ID and click the Search button. From this screen you can quickly access a quote by double clicking the quote or the Open button. By clicking the Print button the highlighted quote will pop up in a document that can be printed, emailed, exported to Excel or to a PDF document. From this screen the employee can also access: Orders, Layaway's, Invoices, Canceled Orders or Expired Quotes.

Email quotes

Select the customers on the Quotes tab, right click on the selection, and select Email from the menu that appears. A separate email will be created for each quote.

To use this feature, the MS Outlook email integration must be enabled on your workstation, and the customers must have an email address set up on their customer account.

Step 1: Open the Quotes tab on the Sales Manager screen (Employee > My Quotes).

Step 2: Select the quotes that you want to email. Do not select more than 15 quotes.

 - To select a range of customers, hold SHIFT and click on the first and last customer in the range

 - To select specific customers, hold CTRL and click on each customer.

Step 3: Right click on the selection and select Email. The Email screen appears.

Step 4: Input the email information.

Step 5: Click Create Emails.

Generate AR Aging Report

Select the customers on the Quotes tab, right click on the selection, and select AR Aging Report from the menu that appears.

You cannot generate a report if none of the selected customers has a balance due.

Print quotes or Statements

You can also print quotes, or create customer statements.

Select the quotes on the Quotes tab, right click on the selection, and select an option from the menu that appears.