Use the Restrictions tab (Administration > Inventory > Vendor Purchase Orders > Select a search option > Open a purchase order) to view the purchase order restrictions.

Purchase order restrictions are PO amount, quantity and weight minimums set per vendor or item.  Restrictions serve as a reminder to the purchasing agent to only order product when the amount minimum or weight minimum has been met.  Specific instructions or notes for each restriction are displayed.  Warning messages will appear when changing the status of the PO to "On Order" if restrictions have not been met; however, the PO can be placed "On Order" regardless of restriction status.

Order Amount and Weight restrictions are setup on the Purchase Restrictions menu of the Vendor Profile. NOTE: Evosus calculates weight using the weight entered on the Item Profile for each item.

Quantity restrictions are setup on the Vendors menu of each Item Profile.

Sample Restrictions

Order Amount restriction not met.  Under by $4,700.00

Free shipping on all orders over $5000.  Do not send PO until order total reaches $5000.

Weight restriction not met.  Under by 1,000.00

Weight cannot exceed 1000 lbs or else additional shipping charges will be applied.

Minimum order quantities not met:

C-4950 is below the set minimum order quantity of 2.  Only 1 have been ordered.