Step by Step:

Pay Types break hours worked into categories such as Regular, Overtime, Vacation, Sick or PTO. Pay Types are used when entering time for timekeepers (employees), allocating time to Jobs, allocating time to Workers' Comp and assigning absences. Each Pay Type has an associated Pay Rate Multiple which calculates pay for an employee based on hours worked for a day. There is no limit to the number of Pay Types that can be entered although you are limited to 13 Pay Types used in one pay period. By default, Evosus Pay Types include: Reg Hours, Overtime x1.5, Overtime x2.0, Vacation, Sick, Holiday and PTO.

Step 1: Open the Pay Types screen (Administration > Timecards > General Setup > Pay Types).

Step 2: Click Add.

Step 3: Enter the Pay Type Name. Examples include Holiday, Sick and Regular.

Step 4: Select Hours from the Type column.

Step 5: Enter the Pay Rate Multiplier for the Pay Type. This is the multiplier that will be used when calculating pay for a day.

Step 6: Check the "Use for Job/WComp Allocation" box if this Pay Type can be allocated to Jobs or Workers' Compensation Categories.

Step 7: Check the "Default Reg Hrs Pay Type" box if this Pay Type is the default Regular Hours pay type that will be used for all Timekeepers. This is the Pay Type that will default as the Regular Hours pay type when setting up Timekeepers. You may only select one Default Reg Hrs Pay Type.

Step 8: Check the "Absence Pay Type" check box if this Pay Type can be used for Absences.  This Pay Type will show up when adding Employee Absences (Time Off) or when applying Holidays to Timecards.

Step 9: Click Close to exit the screen.

Update Pay Types

You can change any Pay Type information after it has been created.  You cannot deactivate Pay Types if a Pay Type is currently associated to a Timekeeper.

Sometimes Pay Types can be associated to inactive employees.  To unassociate the Pay Type you will need to activate the employee, unassign the Pay Type from the Timekeeper, and inactivate the employee again.

Security Permissions Required



Administration – Timecards

*Can Access Timecard Tree Branch

Administration – Timecards

Timecard - Can Access Timecard Setup