Technology is an ongoing investment. Just like your car or truck, there's not only an initial investment. You have to change the oil, rotate the tires and get some fixes from time to time. Technology is the same. By investing in ongoing maintenance you'll avoid most major issues and keep your business running smoothly.

In order for Evosus to provide you with secure and dependable applications, the Microsoft products that our applications rely on must also be secure and dependable. That means your Microsoft  Windows and SQL Server products should fall under Microsoft's Mainstream Supported products.

Check out the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy for detailed information about Microsoft Mainstream Support, Extended Support, and determine when your Microsoft products will move to Extended Support. In general, Microsoft products more than 10 years old are no longer on Mainstream Support.

Why do we require Microsoft products to be on Mainstream Support?

Evosus software was built on the Microsoft framework. More specifically, Evosus relies on the "Microsoft Stack" of products to work. The Microsoft stack includes the Operating System, SQL database, Windows, Office and other related software to run. When Microsoft makes changes to their stack, it sometimes affects Evosus software, as well as thousands of other software programs.


 - New, modern features might not work: We are modernizing the applications and adding new features, for example EMV credit card processing and new integrations. Those features rely on Microsoft products that are in    Mainstream Support, and they might not work on older Microsoft products.

 - Dependable: Microsoft does not provide free, non-security updates to products that are in Extended Support. That means if a bug in a Microsoft product creates an issue in Evosus, we might not be able to fix it.  

 - Secure: Microsoft does not provide security updates and remove security vulnerabilities from older products, which means your system may not be secure, and it may be vulnerable to attack.

What does this mean for your business?

 - If you have a question regarding how Evosus software works, we will provide resolutions based on the most current supported versions of Evosus using Microsoft products on Mainstream Support. 

 - If you have an issue and you are using older Microsoft products, your Account Manager will attempt to duplicate the issue in a Mainstream Supported Microsoft environment. If the issue cannot be duplicated in a                supported environment you'll have the choice to either upgrade your environment or continue with the issue you are experiencing due to the environment you are running on. 

 - When purchasing new Microsoft products, you should expect to upgrade them every five years. 

Our current minimum system requirements...

Several Microsoft products have moved from Mainstream Support to Extended Support. Below are our current minimum system requirements.

Supported Evosus Versions

We currently support Evosus version 6.4.71 and above. Click here to download the latest release.

If you're on version 6.0.X, 6.1.X, or 6.2.X we'll have to help you upgrade. Just contact your Account Manager.

Supported Operating Systems

Important Note:Workstations connecting to a terminal server do not need to meet this minimum system requirements.

Host PC/ Local Installs

Windows 10 Pro


Windows Standard Server 2016

Windows Datacenter Server 2016

Microsoft has issued Windows Standard Server 2012 R2 and Windows Datacenter Server 2012 R2 to no longer be on their Mainstream Support after October 9th, 2018. 

Supported Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Standard

2014 with all updates



Supported Microsoft Outlook

We have two MS Outlook integration options: standard(MAPI), and MS Outlook Add-In.


2013 (32-bit)

2016 (32-bit)