Step by Step:

To follow these steps, you must be using Evosus  version 6.6.1XX or greater.

Step 1: Install Evosus Mobile Services

Version 3
Evosus version 6.6.4XX or greater

Version 4
Evosus version 6.6.408 or greater


Step 2: Get your five letter code

On the device, tap on Account to open the Account screen.

Find the five letter code at the bottom of the screen. For example, TKXXE.

Step 3: Input your five letter code into the Mobile Dashboard

In Evosus, go to Administration > Mobile > Mobile Dashboard > Licensing > Enter the five letter code into the Setup Code field.

 - Select the employee that is using the device in the Employee field.

 - Upload Pics over WiFi only - Check this box if the device should only upload pictures when connected to WiFi.

Click Push Setup to Device.

Step 4: Setup information is loaded onto the device

An information message appears on the mobile device, and the serial number and configuration information is loaded.