Starting in version 6.6.1XX, Evosus Card Services now supports processing credit card transactions in Canada.

How do you get started?

Contact OpenEdge to create an account and get started. 

Kellie Barron-Smith

Phone: 510-795-4939 or 800-774-6462 ext. 4939

What equipment do we offer in Canada?

Go here to see which devices we support.

You can only lease the card reader terminals.

In Canada, you can only rent the credit card reader terminals because Canadian law does not allow equipment providers to have big contract buy outs. 

What rates do you pay?

OpenEdge has a price match guarantee. They will match existing merchant rates if you can provide two months of merchant statements to verify your rate. 

What payment types are accepted?


 - MasterCard

 - Interac Debit

 - American Express is accepted, but it requires a separate account with OpenEdge.

What if you have an existing Global Payments merchant account?

If you have an existing Global Payments account, it cannot be used with Evosus Enterprise. OpenEdge will work with you to create a new account. 

If necessary, you can continue to use your existing Global Payments account in parallel with your new account. 

What will happen to your existing customer card on file information?

During the implementation process, all of your customer card on file information is migrated to OpenEdge servers and the credit card information in your database is replaced with tokens. These tokens are used to access the credit card on the OpenEdge servers. 

 - Benefit: Your database no longer contains the customer credit card numbers. This is a huge benefit because it means you have shifted the security liability to OpenEdge.

 - Disadvantage: If you stop using OpenEdge, we cannot change the tokens back into credit card numbers.