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Use store classes to group stores together for reporting purposes, e.g. sales, service, and construction. Financial statements can be grouped by store class for a comprehensive comparison. For example, assume that you operate three retail stores, one construction department, a service department and a delivery department. By default, you can view the Income Statement with each store as a column; however, you want to see how retail is performing compared to construction and service. Assign a store class of "Retail" to each retail store, a class of "Construction" to your construction store and "Service" to both the service department and delivery department. The Income Statement will then combine like store classes into a single column for comparison purposes.

Step by Step:

Create a new store class

Step 1: Open the Search - Store Classes screen (Administration > Accounting > General Setup > Store Classes).

Step 2: Click Add. The Add- Store Classes screen appears.

Step 3: Enter the name of the store class.

Step 4: Click OK to save. You can change the store classes at any time.

Step 5: After you create the store class, you can add it to the store (Administration > System > Stores > Stores > Open a store> Profile tab > Store Class field).

Security Permissions Required



Administration – Accounting

*Can Access Accounting Tree Branch