Evosus API Access opens up a world of possibilities to create your own applications, or integrate with other software applications.

For example, you can use Evosus API Access to create a simple customer portal that includes customer information, inventory availability, product, pricing, invoicing data, or you can use it to create an intranet site that includes dashboards and allows employees to clock in and clock out.

Step by Step:

Step 1: Verify that you meet the minimum system requirements

You need to be on version 6.4.71 or above to use Evosus API Access. We expanded our API in version 6.6.130, so be sure to have your developers check out our documentation on SwaggerHub for a detailed list of what methods are available. This will give them a good idea of what projects are possible.

 - 6.4.71 and 6.5.109: Check out the version 1.6 documentation.

 - 6.6.130 and above: Check out the version 6.6 documentation.

Step 2: Order Evosus API Access

Contact your Account Manager for information about ordering Evosus API Access.

Step 3: Get a Web API key

Every Evosus API Access request requires a company serial number and API key.

 - Company Serial Number: Your company serial number appears on the Web API Dashboard (Administration > Web API > Web Dashboard > Dashboard tab).

 - API key: This is also known as a session key. You get this after purchasing Evosus API Access. Contact your Account Manager if you don't know your API key.

Step 4: Configure Evosus API Access

You need to configure Evosus API Access in Evosus Enterprise before you get started.

#1 Open the Web API Dashboard (Administration > Web API > Web API Dashboard).

#2 Open the API Configuration tab.

#3 Complete the fields.

 - Employee: Any data added to the database using the Web API will be associated with this employee. Employees are created and maintained using the New Employee screen (Administration > System > Employees> Add button).

 - Store: Any orders that are received using the Web API will be received at this store. Stores are created and maintained using the New Store screen (Administration > System > Stores > Stores > Add button).

 - Cash Drawer: Any transactions created using the Web API are associated with this cash drawer. Cash drawers are created using the Cash Drawers tab on the Store screen (Administration > System > Stores > Open a store).

 - Web API Key: This is the unique key that Evosus provided you. Contact if you do not know your Web API key.

#4 Click OK when complete to save your changes.

Step 5: Test Evosus Web Access

Use the Test System Status button on the Web API Dashboard (Administration > Web API > Web API Dashboard) to test the API.

#1 Open the Web API Dashboard (Administration > Web API > Web API Dashboard).The Dashboard tab displays the total number of calls during the day, and last seven days.

#2 Click the Test System Status button to test the Web API.

#3 You will receive a success message if the Web API is listening and attached to a database.

Step 6: Start building your app

The Evosus Web API is documented on SwaggerHub. Go there for a detailed list of the available methods. Be sure to use the Try it out button in SwaggerHub to test any method.