This checklist is provided to help you develop your own internal accounting processes. These are recommendations only and are not intended to represent a “MUST DO” list. 

Evosus realizes each company’s internal processes and procedures are unique and the recommendations in this checklist should be customized to meet your specific needs and requirements. Please be sure to check with your Accountant to finalize any recurring daily, weekly or monthly accounting procedures.

The client should always go to the General Ledger Detail Report for the truth first. This report is imperative in assisting the client in determining if there are any out of balance issues if they use the Auto Post to GL feature in Evosus. Also provides Audit Trail of all Transactions for that time frame. Is a suggested part of GAAP month end reporting. Helpful with forensic GL posting; When using the output printing and posting sequence as this will reflect all debits and credits per transaction. 

Click on the attachment below to download and reference the Accounting Checklist.