During a Physical Count you must write true quantities of items on the count sheet. Adjustments can be entered into Evosus after the Count is completed.

 - Adjustments are only entered for items where the quantity counted did not match the quantity on the count sheet

Step by Step:

Step 1: Open the Physical Count screen (Administration > Inventory > Utilities > Physical Count). 

Step 2: Find the Open Count that has the items you need to adjust and double click to select

Step 3: Click Open Physical Count

Step 4: Adjust Quantities - Enter the transaction number from the count sheet

Step 5: Quantity - Enter actual amount from the Physical Count > A summary of the item will display > A pop up will appear and show you what the new actual Count will be once adjustment is saved.

 - Continue process for all adjustments. 

**Adjusted items are listed as Exceptions in the Physical Count screen. From this screen you can quickly view all adjusted items.