The issue:

There are security holes found in Microsoft software every day. 

 - Microsoft is very familiar with their software and good about releasing patches to plug these holes on a regular basis.

 - Microsoft is Not familiar with the other software that has been loaded on your computer which has customized Windows files.  

 - It is very common for Microsoft Updates to adjust files used by other software. These adjustments may not effect your other software at all, but it is also possible that it will stop your other software from functioning. If your other software is effected, it will require some troubleshooting to resolve. 


Having the person who troubleshoots your computer issues available when updates happen would be a wise move.

 - We recommend turning off Automatic Updates and working with your Network Tech to arrange for your Microsoft Updates to happen on a regular schedule – once a month or every Quarter. This way they are able to resolve any issues that arise from the updates.