There are 3 operations we recommend you perform if you ever experience any of these issues; terminal freezes, network errors, random reboots, slow response, lagging, etc... The terminal should be powered on, charging on the dock and connected to a WiFi network before beginning these steps. If you have an Ethernet cable connected to the dock, we recommend using your WiFi network and unplugging the Ethernet cable from the dock.

Click here for a complete list of endpoints Evosus and it's integrated partners connect to that should be whitelisted.

Step by Step:

#1 Terminal User Refresh

Sign out of the Terminal User and Sign In under an Owner role:
*Do not perform if you do not know the passcode for "Manager" User or any Owner role Terminal Users added. Contact Support or reset passcodes online –

Step 1: Swipe down from the top of the terminal screen

Step 2: Tap on the User box in the upper right hand corner, to sign out of the current User

Step 3: Select the Terminal User to sign in with

Step 4: Input the User passcode and select the blue arrow to sign in

#2 Network Refresh

Forget WiFi network and reconnect (unplug the Ethernet cable from the dock prior to beginning):

Step 1: Swipe down from the top of the terminal screen

Step 2: On the grey Scroll Menu bar select the WiFi icon

Step 3: Select the WiFi network connected to

Step 4: Forget the WiFi network

Step 5: Select your WPA or WPA2 network

Step 6: Select Show Password

Step 7: Type in the network password

Step 8: Select Connect once correct password is input

Step 9: When it shows Connected to the network, swipe back down from the top of the terminal

Step 10: Recommended network speed of 15mbps or higher to prevent potential time outs or a slow response

Step 11: Select the Home icon in the grey Scroll Menu bar

#3 System Refresh

Perform a Hard Reboot on the terminal:

Step 1: While the terminal is powered on and docked charging, hold the power button for 30 seconds

Step 2: Do NOT press any prompts on the screen while holding the power and continue holding it when the screens go black

Step 3: Release the power button after 30 seconds

Step 4: Wait 10 seconds

Step 5: Power back on the terminal