Evosus offers a total of three email integration types:

1. Sendgrid

Sending emails from Evosus has never been easier! Evosus now offers a Sendgrid integration that allows clients to mass email using any email service provider! Click here to read more about setting up the Sendgrid email integration!

2. Outlook Add In

This method uses an add-in to generate the emails in MS Outlook, and is a more modern way of building the application.  This integration option is a simple Add In download that attaches to your Outlook account. The download is done per employee using the integration. Click here for more details on the Outlook Add In email integration.

3. Standard Outlook Integration: 

This is the original email integration built into Evosus. Due to changes in Microsoft this integration type is not preferred as Windows updates can cause service interruptions. This method does not require you to install any additional software, and it uses the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI). Microsoft has broken this integration with several of their releases in 2017. Click here for more details on the Standard Outlook Integration.