Why Register For A Webinar?

 - You've purchased a training subscription in the past but could use a refresher on Evosus content.

 - You are curious about specific aspects of the software and would like to see what knowledge a Live Training Session could provide. 

 - You feel you would benefit from a Live Training Session because of the one-on-one aspect of Webinars (Most webinars have less than 5 attendees)

Step by Step:

How to Register for a Live Training Session
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Hold your mouse over "Training & Education." Click on the "Live Group Webinars - Come Learn With Us" link that appears in the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Find and select the topic you are interested in learning about. 

 - Webinar topics include: Maintenance Contracts 101, Order Queues, RGA Processing, and many more! 

 Step 4: Select your preferred date/time

Step 5: Add to cart
Step 6: Click Checkout and complete the steps to purchasing the Webinar. 

*NOTE: Purchasing either a Deluxe or Unlimited training subscription provides access to ALL Live Training Sessions that Evosus has to offer. After purchasing a subscription you will receive a unique discount code via email that will only work for those listed on your company record. We are continually rotating Webinars to meet Client need/interest. 

 - If you have a suggestion or request for a future Webinar topic, please email those to

 - If you would like to view training subscriptions, please click here. 
Step 7: (if you are on a training subscription) Enter your discount code!

Next Steps:

Once a Webinar is purchased, you will be sent a Google calendar invitation for the Live Training Session. This invitation will include a unique RingCentral link that should be used on the day of the webinar to join the session.

 - You must accept the invitation so that the email including the RingCentral link does not get lost in your inbox.

Joining A Webinar:

On the day of the webinar, 5-10 minutes prior to the session starts, please go to your Google calendar invitation and click on the RingCentral link. The session will not start until the Host logs in. A roll call will happen at the top of the session and will allow you the opportunity to test your audio.

 - The Host will wait 15 minutes before canceling a session due to no-shows. We will do our best to accommodate a re-schedule, as we understand things come up. However, most Webinars are repeated the following month and we may ask you to just join the next session on the calendar. In this instance, another Google calendar invitation would be sent.